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Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
10:51 pm
10% Donations Wishlist for 2018
Greetings 2018!
As part of a vow and the deep dream-vision behind my art and life, I continue to donate 10% of my income to help support/FutureNurture as many better world initiatives and organizations as possible.
See last post to see the completed list of 2017 donations!
As the new year begins, I am building up more faith and determination.
Below are some of my 2017 leftover Wishlisted Causes that I would like to donate to from my next art sales! And as usual I intend to send more support to many of my annual favorites and will be adding new organizations and fundraisers as well.
Please join me in supporting any of these fine causes to co-create a more compassionate and thriving world!

ISER Caribe's Brigada Solidaria del Oeste Puerto Rico
Vive Boriken Crowdrise Campaign for after Hurricane Maria Relief in partnership with Western Action Network
Mexico Earthquake Fund: Isthmus Indigenous Communities
Global Giving's Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund
FountainHouse.org Mental Health resources
Global Giving: Sierra Leone Mudslide Relief Fund
Patreon for Charley Eiseman Leafminers book research and Bugtracks blog
Patreon for Kara Westerman PhantomHamptons podcast
Teatro YerbaBruja Central Islip Community Center
North Fork Art Collective
Save the Children Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
Jamtse Gatsal Children's Community
Tesla Science Center
Pozible Fundraiser to publish Beloved Syria magazine for refugees (campaign over but I wrote to them to see how to help with and order mags- will see)
Meals on Wheels
Big Brothers and Sisters of America
Give the Gift of Sight: Vision Varanasi Eye Hospital Sonoma Ashram
Habitat for Humanity
more Peace Corps Projects
Shinnecock Preschool wishlist (again)
Shinnecock Nation Cultural Center and Museum
World Wildlife Fund (again)
Defenders of Wildlife (again)
Amy Starkey's CareKits for the Homeless
Southampton African American Museum
GlobalGiving: Centro COMParte: training, jobs & peace in Bogota again
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center
The Retreat Domestic Violence Services again

Completed Donations List for 2017

Donations List 2016
Donations List 2015
Donations List 2014
Donations List 2013
Donations List 2012
Donations List 2011
Donations List 2010
Donations List 2006,2007
Donations List 2002,2003,2004,2005
Monday, February 6th, 2017
11:41 pm
Personal Top 10 Causes/ Top 100 Causes
Made By Survivors
Manna Project
Fistula Foundation
Sankalpa Art Journeys
Sobornost for the World Foundation
Buddha's Smile School
Nepal Youth Foundation
Mercy Corps
Peace Corps
Global Fund for Women
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center
Trees Water People
Healing Hands of Joy

Barefoot College
Build Change
Wild Bird Fund
Vive Boriken
Beauty for Ashes
Malala Fund
Rapha House
Not For Sale Campaign
International Justice Mission
Sierra Club
The Nature Conservancy
Defenders of Wildlife
World Wildlife Fund
The Ocean Conservancy
Saturday, February 4th, 2017
2:07 pm
Archive: Towards a Model of Micro Philanthropy by Tom Munnecke
(retrieved from Internet Archive/ WayBackMachine)
Towards a Model of Micro Philanthropy

Tom Munnecke (Tom@munnecke.com)

Heather Wood Ion (heather@givingspace.org)


May 21, 2002

A little girl was walking along the seashore after high tide, tossing starfish back into the water. She passed a man, who said: "What are you doing? You do realize that it is impossible to save all those starfish don't you?" She leaned down and picked up a starfish lying at their feet and tossed it back into the waves.

"I saved that one," she said.[1]

The Internet and improvements in global communications have created new opportunities for global transformation. Two forms of giving are compared: a single million-dollar donation versus a million one-dollar donations. The transformational energy raised by the increased number of “micro philanthropists” is greater than the single gift, and the beneficial effects on a community may be even greater. Smaller scale giving has many other advantages, including greater intimacy and feedback, discovery of other beneficial forms of interaction, lower risk, and more effective giving in corrupt environments. The early days of the grass roots movement to find a vaccine for Polio is discussed as a role model for this kind of interaction.

GivingSpace is technical infrastructure to support many new forms of philanthropy. It creates a scalable web of interaction, in which participants are rewarded for their earned trustworthiness. By creating a massively scalable infrastructure for small philanthropic activities, we can create a self perpetuating, self-generating explosion of philanthropic activity at many social and economic levels.
Micro Philanthropy

Consider two scenarios, both involving a $1 million aggregate gifts:

Scenario A: A wealthy donor gives one million dollars to a philanthropic organization, which is used build wells, build capacity in developing world, build a wing in a hospital, or support a local symphony.

Scenario B: One million donors give $1 gifts. These people may be of ordinary means, or even below the poverty level. One gift may purchase 50 vitamin A tablets, which restore the sight of 50 young children in Southeast Asia. Another might buy two oral rehydration solution doses which save the lives of two babies in Africa. Another might help fund a Women’s’ Empowerment Program circle in Nepal, which teaches the donor the amazing power of savings and literacy.

While both of these scenarios should be encouraged, they have different net effects. Which of these two scenarios has the greater net effect for humanitarian uplift?

Towards a Transformational Calculus

From a transactional accounting perspective, both scenarios distribute $1 million in gifts. The cost of delivering a $1 million check to a charity is minimal, but the cost of delivering a million or more tiny gifts worth less than a dollar quickly swamps the value of the gift. From a transactional perspective, Scenario A’s single check for $1 million is far more efficient than the profusion of tiny, inefficient gifts of Scenario B.

Let us assume that through our new electronic tools, however, we are able to efficiently distribute micro gifts with reasonable shipping and handling charges. People can use email, instant messages, mobile phones, and other communications technologies to connect with each other in novel forms of community.

If we construe the act of giving to be transformational for both the donor and the recipient, then we have expanded the net transformational effect immensely. A million donors and a million recipients are now somehow connected.

If we accept the Dalai Lama’s statement that we should view wealth as measured by our ability to give, then one million people have become wealthier. Will these micro donations change the donor’s view of the world? Will they be a little more able to overcome the seduction of cynicism that bombards us daily?

Imagine a thank you message appearing in a Susan’s email one morning. The previous day, she donated $1 to Southeast Asia students who were blinded by a vitamin A deficiency. The message included a video clip of a dozen girls her age that could now see as a result of her gift, thanking her for her gift.

This simple interaction – a gift of one dollar offering sight to 50-blinded children – would likely change the lives of all concerned. The children can now see, and Susan looks at the world very differently. She might look at a discarded soda bottle’s refund value and see it as sight for 5 children in Thailand. She might see waste paper as a precious classroom material far away from her home. She might see the world as filled with the potential to be a better place than the violence, distrust, and negativity portrayed on the television screen.

In this case, to Susan the value of the gift is not measured by the “outside” value of the transaction, but rather the “inside” difference it made to her. Instead of some authority teaching her the value of generosity, she would have internalized the virtue of generosity as part of her perspective on the world. She may even recognize this in others, as well, a kind of membership within a club of others who understand transformational energy.

The collective effect of having one million new donors is difficult to understand or measure. We cannot always understand collective actions by looking at only individuals.

Similarly, we cannot understand the “outside” transformational effects of a million “inside” transformations by studying each individual. At this scale, a “network effect” takes over. We have witnessed this effect with the Internet, as the value of the network increases with the square of the number of elements. As more elements are added to the network, the value of the network increases at an increasing rate.
The Network Effects of Transformation

Is there reason to think that our transformational network of a million small donors exhibits the network effect? Do people experiencing an inner transformation interact with each other in ways that reinforce each other? What is the network effect of being in a community in which people feel a deep-rooted internal sense of generosity? Does an appreciation of generosity create other virtues, perhaps compassion, joy, peace, love, or happiness? If so, what might be the network effects of these virtues-turned-values if they were to become more prevalent in a community? These values would arise within the community, rather than being imposed through some form of moral or political authority. Perhaps people might just start being appreciative of each other and discover that compassion is contagious on their own accord.[2]

Scale is critical when discussing the network effect of transformation. What is needed is a very large scale, global “space” within which very small scale, intimate transformational activities can occur. The more scalable the space, and the tinier the potential transactions, the greater the overall transformational effects will be. There are a number of considerations driving this.
Bad Apple Effect

There is a popular saying, “A bad apple spoils the whole barrel.” If we are to create an open space for giving, we can be certain that there will be those who will seek to abuse it. For example, I receive about 2 unsolicited emails per week supposedly from someone in Nigeria offering me millions of dollars if I contact them to help them transfer money. I have been to Nigeria (on other business) and have had to bribe my way through the airport to get home. I have seen Nigerian police shake down fellow visitors to a conference, claiming that a twenty-dollar bill in the visitor’s wallet was “counterfeit” and had to be retained as “evidence.” It is abundantly clear that not everyone and everything in the world is trustworthy. There are bad apples to be found everywhere.

However, if we shrink the barrel, the likelihood of a bad apple appearing decreases. If a group of six women in the same village all become responsible for each other’s micro finance loans, they are strongly motivated to work together. If any of them threatens to become a bad apple, then the other 5 will diligently work to correct the situation. Their visibility one to another increases the mutually reinforcing responsibility and accountability. In the experience of shared purpose they also share reputation.

Shrinking the barrel also has the effect of minimizing the nefarious effects of the bad apple. Lower risk allows less formality and more trust.

A micro philanthropic action may be a way for people who are otherwise shielded by cynicism to appreciate a small transformation. Someone who saves the eyesight of a girl in Thailand may move on to saving a life of a baby to Africa, and perhaps even larger activities. A simple act may be the fuel for an explosion of transformational energy. Micro philanthropic interaction does not require moral or political authority to be experienced as valid. It can simply be viewed as an emergent property of people acting humanely towards each other. Those who may be distrustful of formal institutional protocols can find themselves appreciating humanity through direct micro philanthropic interaction. Those who do hold strong religious beliefs may find that micro philanthropic interaction strengthens those beliefs.
Risk/formality effects

Someone shipping a package of books to a school in a less developed country might do so without needing any verification or insurance that they arrive safely. If, however, the gift were a $500 for a new roof on a house, they might be more concerned about formally acknowledging that their gift made it properly to its destination. If the gift were a $1,500,000 hospital, the donor would likely be extremely cautious with contractual specifications for the delivery of the funds and the construction of the hospital.

Larger gifts therefore engender greater administrative, legal, and accounting overhead. They rely less on trusted relationships within a community, and offer less opportunity to create interpersonal trust webs. Similarly they have long-term consequences in the institutionalization of the overhead and verification they require.
Below the Radar Screen Effect

Corruption is certainly active element in many countries. If a transaction is too small to be of consideration for corrupt officials, then the gift is less likely to be purloined. For example, a pair of shoes sent through the mail to someone in Kenya is not likely to arrive. If, however, the pair is broken up into two packages, each sent separately, it is much more likely that the recipient will get the pair delivered. The value of each shoe individually is below the radar screen of those who would steal them.

If we lower the value of each gift and increase the quantity, it is possible that we can increase the probability of the gifts making it to their destinations. If the gift is actually encoded in a bit stream and is merely an electronic communication, it becomes even more difficult to thwart the delivery of the gift.
March of Dimes Effect

The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, called the March of Dimes, was created in 1938 to seek a cure for polio and alleviate the suffering of crippled children. Largely fueled by Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s polio and interest in a cure, the organization tried to alleviate the national fear by involving the population in minimal contributions. Community organizations, schools, movie theaters and churches collected coins accumulating $1,823,045 in 1939 increasing to $67 million in 1955.

The research resulting in Jonas Salk’s successful Polio vaccine was funded in this manner. When the effectiveness was announced on April 12, 1955 what happened was

"More than a scientific achievement, the vaccine was a folk victory, an occasion of pride and jubilation. A contagion of love swept the world."[3]

The grass-roots enthusiasm for the cause, collecting support in community settings, and the demonstrated public benefit of the research was a powerful stimulus for society, creating the “contagion of love.” Jonas Salk was a consistent proponent of these dynamics, advocating them to create an “epidemic of health:”

Only a few are needed to visualize and to initiate an epidemic of health that would become self-organizing, self-propelling, and self-propagating, as is characteristic of evolutionary processes.[4]

We can consider everyone including the donor and recipient (or helper and doer) to be trustees of the giving transformation. The trustworthiness of each trustee is continuously visible via the network, not unlike someone’s reputation as a seller on eBay. Those who perform in a trustworthy manner earn a higher reputation, and are more likely to be chosen to be trustee for future activities. Those who prove untrustworthy find themselves with diminished opportunity. This creates a self-organizing mechanism in which the community rates itself and its partners over time.

Trust can be transitive. For example, if Bob trusts Alice, and Alice trusts Joe, then Bob will have a certain level of trust for Joe. It can also be attributed. For example, Judy may be a Peace Corps Volunteer recently returned from Senegal, and volunteer to review giving opportunities that may appear in GivingSpace. As a disinterested, yet experienced, third party, her opinions could figure prominently in chains of trust. For example, she might note that someone was asking for an electric well pump in an area, which she knew, had no electricity.

A scalable network of trust is essential for this mechanism of trustraising to work. Some people may trust Judy’s opinions in Senegal, or they might decide to deal with a friend. The space per se does not endorse or recommend any particular trustee. It only seeks to make each trustee’s trustworthiness visible to the community.

Micro philanthropy affords each of us the opportunity to contribute to whatever need evokes within us a sense of compassion, and as a scalable phenomenon helps us to participate globally in celebrations and appreciations which can be a contagion of love, or an epidemic of health.

Creating an infrastructure which allows a massive amount of small scale interaction can have an explosively powerful effect. A means of supporting micro philanthropy on a global scale could be one of the most powerful uses of Internet technology.

[1] Story recounted by Jonathan Falk at http://www.projectempathy.org/site/epage/3258_238.htm as part of his experiment in “micro philanthropy.” Falk is an 18 year-old documenting his travels and giving on the Internet.

[2] We first heard the term “compassion is contagious” from Nipun Mehta of CharityFocus.org

[3] Carter, Richard, Breakthrough: the Saga of Jonas Salk, Pocket Simon and Schuster, 1967, p.1.

[4] Munnecke, Tom, and Wood-Ion, Heather, “Creating an Epidemic of Health,” US Medicine Magazine, Washington, DC August 1995.
2:02 pm
Archive: 10%Club Notes from Cloudpad
From CloudPad 2006 (retrieved from WayBack Machine/ Internet Archive)
The 10% Club

Two years ago I decided to try an experiment in awareness and empathy. I made a vow to consistently donate 10% of my income to help end suffering in this world. Every time I got a paycheck, or sold an artwork, I would move the decimal point over and donate that much (10%) towards a project I believed in. The internet made it easy. Feeling 'rich' enough to donate Something is step one in this process, and it gets easier not harder...because it has nothing to do with how we usually categorize ourselves. It's about becoming more aware of all we DO have and our place in the world. If you are somehow reading this on a computer somewhere, most likely you are 'phenomenally' rich in comparison to a vast population of humanity. One, you have somehow learned to read... and two, you have access to a computer and the internet. That is to say nothing about all the other things in your life that made it possible for you to be here now...the things we take for granted...like clean water, a roof over our heads, access to education and information, opportunities in general.I feel the 10% vow has changed my life in miraculous ways. It is something that must be understood from the inside and this is why I hope to encourage others to try it and see for themselves.

What if everyone did this? Mathematically. Picture the immediate branching helplines, visualize the change in the world. Like a healthy nervous system working with immuno-response in our larger body. Where there is suffering, the body responds...each cell contributing nourishment... could this be a simple solution to the challenge: “To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” - Buckminster Fuller

"Micro philanthropy affords each of us the opportunity to contribute to whatever need evokes within us a sense of compassion, and as a scalable phenomenon helps us to participate globally in celebrations and appreciations which can be a contagion of love, or an epidemic of health. Creating an infrastructure which allows a massive amount of small scale interaction can have an explosively powerful effect. A means of supporting micro philanthropy on a global scale could be one of the most powerful uses of Internet technology."- Tom Munnecke on Towards a Model of Micro Philanthropy (http://givingspace.org/papers/microphilanthropy.htm)

Avalokiteshvara (http://ccbs.ntu.edu.tw/FULLTEXT/JR-BH/bh117498.htm) requested "If I need to benefit all the sentient beings until samsara ends, may I have one thousand arms, and one thousand eyes. May these one thousand arms manifest as a thousand universal monarchs, and the one thousand eyes manifest as a thousand Buddhas". Buddha Amitabha granted him his wish with one thousand arms and one thousand eyes, each eye in the palm of each hand.

How to spread the 10% Pledge as a successful business model and meme for conscious individuals and corporations

(Microphilanthropy meets tithing as a consistant cooperative process towards a BetterWorld Tipping Point)


creation and maintainence of The 10% Club community/journalon (http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=10percentclub) LiveJournal.com. (43 members and counting.)
creation of 10%Club group and discussion threads on omidyar.net (http://www.omidyar.net/group/tenpercentclub/) (48 members and counting)

hopefully solicit membership and collaboration/help/ideas to snowball The 10% Club into a far-reaching campaign

create 10%Club group on SecondLife (t-shirts and info available on BetterWorldIsland)
create 10%Club group and profile on myspace.com
development of webpages for The First 1000 and 10percentclub.org (in progress)
research and contact businesses and individuals who are already donating 10% to be a part of the network
List/Links of 10%ers to contact possible 10%ers- Do they fit requirements? Accountability?


Logo (red stamp)on products, storefronts (decal) and websites (clickable jpg)
T-shirts + gear on CafePress store +Virtual on SL

(10%ers will be registered and linked together in The First 1000 and eventually Pier10)

"The concept of charity is more than writing a check to our favorite organization. It has to do with attaining a level of selflessness so that we realize that it is not us giving anymore. We are just vehicles through which something that is needed is passing." -Rabbi David Cooper, from 'God is a Verb'
Retrieved from "http://www.cloudpad.org/wiki/index.php/10%25"
Sunday, January 1st, 2017
10:53 am
10% Donations List for 2017!- now complete
Thank you 2017!
As part of a vow and dreamvision that is at the basis of my art and life, I am so grateful to have been able to pulse out a record number (for me) of 10% donations to special causes and intitiatives around the globe in 2016. I was Determined to pump it up megafold in 2017 and I feel I did!!
I believe in the accumulating power of all our small positive actions...and so while I'm here on this planet, no matter what, and in whatever small way, I vow to be part of a nourishing rain on as many beautiful endeavors as possible to help them grow. <3 Let there be thousands of us, reaching out to millions- wherever needed. Let us help to nurture the more compassionate future we want to see.
There are several on here that were leftover from my wishlist of 2016 and as I got to pulse support to them I gradually added a bunch more of the causes I support Annually plus some brand new ones! I've made most of them on the list hotlinks so please do learn more about any each...and if any of these causes touch your heart, PLEASE Join me and others to continue to help crowdfund and nourish them! Any amount helps, and "We are the ones we've been waiting for." <3

2017 Donations:
Amal Shop project for Syrian refugees stuck in Izmir, Turkey
Bonac Tonic Art Collective 12 year fundraiser
GoFundMe Campaign for Brenna's ABA Therapy (again)
Help Fred Kumwenda who lost everything in Sag Harbor fire
Help Michael Lynch Displaced by the Sag Harbor Fire
The Art Bus Project fundraiser
The Parrish Art Museum
UNICEF for Syria
OXFAM for Syria and more
The Art Garage (fundraiser on Indiegogo is over but still can donate Here)
CARE.org (again for Syria and Haiti, Nigeria etc)
Sag Harbor Partnership Rebuilding fund
Sierra Club: Beyond Fossil Fuels
Global Fund for Women
SEW: Salvadoran Enterprises for Women
Sobornost for the World Foundation (again)
Poonam and NIshkaam's 'Million Meals for Love' Campaign to nourish children in Cameroon through WorldFoodProgram
Manna Project International for Villa Guadalupe Clinic Nicaragua again
Wild Bird Fund NYC in honor of VB (again)
Healing Hands of Joy (again)
Kiva Loan: Sumnali Group /Indonesia/ Weaving
PeaceCorps Project: Uganda: Improving the Girls Dormitory
National Resource Defense Council
National Audubon Society
Coalition for the Homeless- Ending Homelessness Solutions
Mercy Corps again
OLA of Eastern Long Island again
The Waterbearers campaign for Waves for Water
Dan Welden's GoFundMe: for his son Jeff's Accessible Home Modification
Kara Westerman's GoFundMe for Podcast Training Opportunity
HPGive campaign: YOUNG MAYAN WOMEN BUILD A DIFFERENT FUTURE, Actoras de Cambio/Guatemala
Shadhika.org: Investing in Girls for India's Future
Obama Foundation
Malala Fund for refugee education again
Girls Inc NYC: Making a Difference Campaign
88.3 WPPB Local Peconic Public Broadcasting Radio NPR
Simple As Socks (Victoria Booth project for NYC homeless) again (Amazon Wishlist: Handwarmers 3)
Partners in Health: Emergency aid after floods in Peru
Bat Chat Decoding project on Pozible
Kenny Mann's GoFundMe fundraiser for Naisula play creation + school fees for Kenyan girls
Amal educational activity center for refugee children in Izmir
Fight The Famine: East End Kids Join Hands for UNICEF
The Binti Project: Sue Braiden's fundraiser for Dennis' children in Kenya
Photography as Therapy/Hearts Coming Together/LOVETRAIN project development
The Treatment Advocacy Center in memory of Daria Deschuk
TECHO for Peru
TECHO for Mocoa Colombia
Vive Boriken Puerto Rico (again)
Wings Over Haiti for new school in Ranquitte
Global Giving/ MADRE.org: Healing for Sexual Violence Survivors in Colombia
Global Giving/ MADRE.org: Radios- A Lifeline to Safety for Nicaraguan Women
Global Giving/ MADRE.org: Shelters for Women in Iraq
Global Giving/ MADRE.org: Help Women in Kenya Confront Climate Change
Global Giving/ MADRE.org: Harvesting Hope for Indigenous Women in Nicaragua
Kickstarter for ReFlowered:A Dance Play
Kickstarter for Global Theater of the Girls
FountainHouse.org Mental Health resources
Polaris Project: Initiatives to End Human Trafficking
Oxfam (again) for Cholera Outbreak in Yemen
Flourish Foundation Art Therapy for refugees campaign on JustGiving
Peace Corps Project: Tanzania: Let Girls Learn- Secondary School Dormitory
The Fistula Foundation: Help GIve a Woman a New Life (again)
AMISTAD International (again) for Kuda Vana Children's Home in Zimbabwe and Buddha's Smile School, Varanasi
GoFundMe: Help Create Gentle Barn St.Louis!
South Fork Natural History Museum
Kickstarter: In the Steps of Folly Cove print project invitational / Russell Janis
Fabretto.org (again) Help 5 Nicaraguan students make it to the international robotics challenge
SumOfUs: Beekeepers Fund
Center for Biological Diversity Pollinators Protection Fund
Botshabelo Orphanage (again) (Angels in the Dust film)
Peace Corps Project: Namibia School Hall
Peace Corps Project: Ghana Community Library Project 2017
Ken Wheaton's marathon fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Kate Von Achen's Facebook Birthday Fundraising Campaign for Just Food of Douglas County
Amy Shrodes refugee projects and presentations support: Lost and Found Cat
Erin Logan's Facebook Birthday Fundraising Campaign for Planned Parenthood
Pam Greinke's Facebook Birthday Fundraising Campaign for The Retreat
ArtSupplies: Crayons, pencils, pencilsharpeners and paper for Pattye Pece/Sobornost Foundation's trip to Afica and India
East End Cares Supports Team Rubicon Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts
Sierra Club Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts
Coastal Marine Resource Center Resilient Puerto Rico Solar Power Initiative
Desde Me Huerto: Help Get Puerto Rican Eco Seed Farm Back Running after Hurricane Maria
Wikipedia annual microdonation
You Caring: CultureFuse Fundraiser for Puerto Rico VirginIslands Mexico

New Donations Wishlist for 2018

Donations List 2016
Donations List 2015
Donations List 2014
Donations List 2013
Donations List 2012
Donations List 2011
Donations List 2010
Donations List 2006,2007
Donations List 2002,2003,2004,2005
Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
4:38 pm
Book Memories
More Lists to add to over time. Reaching back into memory to find the books I remember most from childhood.... What are yours? see moreCollapse )
Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
11:17 am
Friday, February 26th, 2016
3:44 pm
Arpillera : Sewing Stories and Messages
Sewing Stories and Messages
Good article on more secret history of arpilleras
Arpilleras: A Chapter of History Written in Cloth
Wednesday, February 24th, 2016
2:12 pm
CoHabitat: More Symbiosis Notes and Thoughts / Apicoplasts, Apicomplexans, Coral Reefs and Kidneys

Thinking more about the CKDu (Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Cause) epidemics in Latin America and India amongst agricultural workers...and possible causes.

I find myself deeply wondering about currently understudied yet important symbionts and beneficial kidney bacteria that may be inadvertantly affected and disabled by increased heat AND environmental toxin exposure (similar to the bleaching of corals by the exodus of symbiotic dinoflagellates which provided them their food).

The Role of Coral Reefs, Photosynthesis, and Predators on the Origin of Parasitism by Patrick J. Keeling,University of British Columbia

Apicomplexans..such as the parasitic Plasmodium Falciparum (which causes malaria), and  Toxiplasma Gondii (T.Gondii) which is estimated to non-fatally infect fully one third of the human population(!?) contain apicoplasts...vestigial nonphotosynthetic chloroplasts...plastids which originated from an alga through secondary endosymbiosis.

Scientists have been trying to target these apicoplasts for new anti-malarial drugs. The Apicoplast is necessary for the survival of the Plasmodium Falciparum "but no one yet is sure exactly what it does". Biosynthesis of lipids?
Please read: LifeScientist: ASM: Plasmodium's newest cousin
Returning to CKDu....(and as referenced in the above LifeScience article) certain herbicides have been proven to kill P. falicparum through disrupting a chloroplast-based shikimate pathway, which synthesises the amino acids tryptophan, phenylalanine and tyrosine...(!)
Think about that, coral reefs and the ecosystems of our own kidneys and their possible symbionts for a long moment.

After processing...My nagging/urgent thought: instead of trying to kill the Plasmodium Falciparum...wouldn't the hugely better Win-Win scenario be somehow figuring out what could coax apicomplexans to engage in mutualistic instead of parasitic behaviors?

Lest you feel this could never happen...:
Some interesting and relevant information on just this sort of surprisingly hopeful Beneficial association of another apicomplexan within the renal sac (akin to the human kidney) of the marine organism called the Sea Grape (Molgula manhattensis).
Malaria, Sea Grapes, and Kidney Stones: A Tale of Parasites Lost
article by Carl Zimmer 2010

"..Mary Beth Saffo has been studying this strange association for 20 years (here’s a 1994 profile in the New York Times), and she thinks it’s an intimate partnership. The sea grapes give Nephromyces a shelter and a never-ending buffet: its kidney stones. In exchange, Nephromyces produces nutritious compounds from the stones that the sea grapes can use. Actually, Saffo suspects, it’s a three-way partnership, because Nephromyces harbors bacteria that helps it break down the stones."

"Saffo is not the first biologist to discover a parasite turned mutualist. But it’s hard to think of another case in which a species has turned its back on such a huge legacy of death and disease. How it made such a massive swing is left for Saffo and others still to figure out. It’s possible that once Nephromyces picked up its bacterial passengers, it could thrive inside sea grapes without making them sick. Perhaps in order to put its old ways behind, a parasite just needs a little help from its friends..."

Reference: Saffo et al, “Nephromyces, a beneficial apicomplexan symbiont in marine animals.” PNAS. http://www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/10.1073/pnas.1002335107

Adding to the discussion, Please read: Could 'Probiotic Epidemics' Influence Evolution? article by Moises Velasquez-Manoff

Why are the kidneys seemingly understudied within the Human Microbiome Project? I'm having trouble finding good information... Help and thoughts appreciated.
Tuesday, February 16th, 2016
3:49 pm
Siltweave (New Beginnings)
Have been working inside the little worlds of my winter studio....
inspired by visions of the tiniest barely perceptible Wonders...that can change Everything.

Here is a new tactile piece I call 'Siltweave'...and of course zooming into one of the details within it that can be 'found' by those who Look Closer.

and the full piece:

Related works viewable/available Here
Thursday, January 14th, 2016
10:40 pm
10% Donations 2016 (Now Complete!)
Thank you 2016!.
As part of a vow and dreamvision that is at the basis of my art and life, I am so grateful to have been able to pulse out a record number (for me) of 10%s to special causes and intitiatives in 2016! I believe in the accumulating power of all our small positive actions...and so while I'm here on this planet, no matter what, and in whatever small way, I vow to be part of a nourishing rain on as many beautiful endeavors as possible to help them grow. <3 Let there be thousands of us, reaching out to millions- wherever needed
Please take a look and join me in crowdfunding any of these that move you if you can! And with Determination, the 2017 Wishlist is now underway!

UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for Syria Crisis
Simple As Socks (Victoria Booth project for NYC homeless)(packages of socks sent 2x)
Mercy Corps for Syrian Refugees
East End Cares Direct Relief Project for refugees in Greece
Beauty for Ashes Project-Nicaragua
Laura Rozenberg's IndieGoGo for OrigamiHouse Museum in Uruguay
Fabretto/NICA Hope (again) -Nicaragua
Camino Nuevo -Nicaragua
Manna Project International (Nicaragua and Ecuador)
Vive Boriken Puerto Rico skatepark mural project with Arte o Muerte
Local Stephen Talkhouse fundraiser for Ecuador
Vive Boriken Mural Project Puerto Rico
GoFundMe Fundraiser for Cherylann Hawk support and recovery
SWALE floating foodforest Kickstarter by Mary Mattingly
Artist as Culture Producer Book Tour By Sharon Louden
Shinnecock Youth Council GoFundMe Campaign
OLA of Eastern Long Island
Vive Boriken No ashes in Panuelas campaign Puerto Rico
Sobornost for the World Foundation (again) raffle donation +
South Fork Natural History Museum
GoFundMe campaign for Richard Makepeace
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center
Made by Survivors Raise the Roof Campaign (again) (Crowdrise campaign this time for third floor)
GlobalGiving: Centro COMParte: training, jobs & peace in Bogota
GoFundMe Fundraiser for Cherylann Hawk support and recovery again
Audubon Society
Malala Fund for girls education worldwide in honor of Malala's Birthday (July12)
Radios:A Lifeline to Safety for Nicaraguan Women through MADRE
GoFundMe campaign: Airfare to China for scholarship/Chris Bullock
Islip Arts Museum's New York Contemporary Arts Symposium for Chilean Artist Residencies support
GoFundMe Help the Boys and Girls Club of Standing Rock (2x)
Sankalpa Art Journeys again
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Center- Help Save Our Deer
Not For Sale Campaign
The Retreat Domestic Violence Services
Fundraiser to help Stephanie Cerezo with her beloved Pearl's paralysis treatments
Corinne Morgan's Running fundraiser for St.Jude's Children's Hospital
Rapha House Safe houses and recovery for victims of human trafficking
The Nature Conservancy
Wikipedia Foundation
Ocean Conservancy
Sierra Club
Trees Water People for Help after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti
MercyCorps (again) (Syria, Sudan, Haiti after Hurricane Matthew, etc)
Buddha's Smile School through Amistad International (again)
GoFundMe for M.Yamilka's trip with supplies to StandingRock
Build Change Hurricane Matthew Relief through Global Giving
Barefoot College (again)
Mata Traders Dressember fundraiser for the A21 Campaign and International Justice Mission to end human trafficking
WSHU.org Public Radio NPR and Classical
Girls Garage Scholarships (and a big thank you to those who joined me in donating to Girls Garage for my birthday wish this year!:)

Donations List 2015
Donations List 2014
Donations List 2013
Donations List 2012
Donations List 2011
Donations List 2010
Donations List 2006,2007
Donations List 2002,2003,2004,2005
Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
6:01 pm
Virtual Reality as an Empathy Machine
Updates and unfoldings of the Self-Assembling MemoryPalace. We must consciously come together and collaborate to nurture (and demand) only the best and most Benevolent uses of these developing technologies. There is much hope here...and much good that can be done.

Chris Milk: How virtual reality can create the ultimate empathy machine

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
10:29 pm
Childhood Memories collection notes
Childhood birthday party: friends around the diningroom table of 22 Babcock..birthday cakes usually ice cream cakes..white with blue cursive gel writing... Music Joan Jett and Love is a Battlefield song...

Crafts...Seemed I always wanted to do some sort of craft with friends during my childhood birthday parties...and Dad helped me make prototypes and get materials...one year it was a seagull on wood posts thing with twine...another i remember only these twisty green wire with fake berries on it...not sure what it was part of?

Selling crafts...one year I became a bit obsessed with a small lavendar pompom ring with googly eyes and I decided I wanted to make these and other things (painted rocks perhaps?) and I would walk door to door in the neighborhood to try to sell some from a shoebox.

Babysitter: she sold Avon as well and I adored the catalogs. She had a few little tiny lipstick testers/samples and I asked how much these were and she said a penny each (I think just so I knew she would 'sell' me one. But thus launched my secret plan with determination: I would collect a piggybank Full (my bank was a yellow printed cardboard cylinder with plastic top) of pennies and buy hundreds and hundreds of lipstick samples and open my own store! When i had completed my savings mission I approached her and she broke my heart saying she only had a few of these..not hundreds.

I made my own peel-off nailpolish (a burnt orange-ish color) by mixing questionable ingredients found around the house. Kept in top small drawer to right of my desk. Also in that drawer was my soft beaded change-purse and my grey compact Invaders of the Mummy's tomb pocket game. Possibly also Rubiks Cubes of various shapes. The mini cube was my/our favorite and often came in my pocket on trips....but there was also a snake shape and an octagonal/cylindrical one..

had a collapsible cup full of colorful 'magic' fuzzy worms
Madlibs cracked me UP.

Loved word search puzzles. And invisible ink. and really Big coloring books. My lilac plastic cassette and radio boombox with the multicolored fabric strap (possibly handed down from my sister...but it became/was ALL MINE). Sniglets word-a-day peel off calendar. Big white Pachinko game. Pinball machine that was about 12"x 18"...why can't I remember the graphics- but we played it So much...lying on our stomachs on the variegated pink rug of my sister's room with her mirrored closet doors.

Coveted my sister's rainbow stretchy strap high(ish) wedge sandals with tan soft suede insole.

ChiChi bird- a babybird we found that we tried to 'rescue'. I was so excited to see it in the morning..and ran downstairs .and it was dead. I was devastated.

Hermit crabs from Puerto Rico smuggled over back to ny on the plane in an ice cream/sherbert plastic tub..(I'm sure I cried and begged). Not surprisingly, they died shortly after. :(! Harsh lesson learned.

Street badminton (outdoor game of choice). orange skateboard. jumping over the sprinklers in summer. chasing grasshoppers. overturning large stones or bricks to see what insects or worms might be underneath. Collecting acorns and making sand seasoned 'acorn mash' which would be 'served' in a frisbee plate. My 'pretend kitchen and house' was a little clearing in a small patch of woods next to house....someone had dumped a medium mound of cement..and I stored collected acorns,herbs,leaves and other findings in its nooks. there was a long log 'couch' and we would ask my father or the neighbor if we could have the grass clipping after they mowed lawn ..and then we sprinkled these all over the clearing for the softest 'carpet' for bare feet.
Saturday, June 20th, 2015
9:23 am
Stemonitis, Stereocilia and networked Sensing

This above is an image of Stemonitis axifera, a species of slime mold.

And here we have the hair cells (stereocilia) within the inner ear (in this case of a chicken).

And another image of the slime mold Stemonitis axifera.

Process. Deeply.

When considering the elaborate and amazing life cycles and signaling of slime molds....and the exquisite processing of our auditory systems.... a thought/question is now stuck in my head.
As with microbiologist Lynn Margulis' theories of the coevolution of much of our sensory system through symbiosis with bacteria....could animal auditory systems have their beginnings in a symbiosis with fungus?

Consider the widespread symbiosis of mycorrhizae in plant roots...fungal hyphae penetrate into the cells of the root cortex, producing characteristic branched structures called arbuscules...the plant benefits as does the fungus. "In these associations, the fungi derive photosynthetic sugars from the plants, and they assist the plant by facilitating the uptake of mineral nutrients and water. Approximately 70-80% of all plants have mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizae have evolved repeatedly in different groups of fungi." (http://www.clarku.edu/faculty/dhibbett/tftol/content/3folder/symbiotic.html)

related notes: "The molecular biology of hair cells has seen considerable progress in recent years, with the identification of the motor protein (prestin) that underlies somatic electromotility in the outer hair cells. Santos-Sacchi et al. have shown that prestin's function is dependent on chloride channel signalling and that it is compromised by the common marine pesticide tributyltin (TBT). Because this class of pollutant bioconcentrates up the food chain, the effect is pronounced in top marine predators such as orcas and toothed whales.
(- Santos-Sacchi Joseph, Song Lei, Zheng Jiefu, Nuttall Alfred L (2006-04-12)."Control of mammalian cochlear amplification by chloride anions". Journal of Neuroscience 26)

Biofilms, Biofouling , Epibiosis

Please hold for image credits- I have been searching for the right images and finding them with credits to the original photographers has not been easy. If you by chance know whose photographs these are and can link me to name and/or original site I will be sure to credit.
This post to be continued/expanded. Just sharing some thoughts in progress.

more on slime molds: 'Slime Molds Show Surprising Degree of Intelligence
A creature with no brain can learn from and even anticipate events'.: http://discovermagazine.com/2009/jan/071
Thursday, January 8th, 2015
11:12 am
10% Donations 2015!! (updated/complete)
Dear 2015... Here we GO!
As part of a vow and dreamvision that is at the basis of my art and life, I am so grateful to have been able to pulse out so many 10%s to special causes and intitiatives in 2014...and I'm Determined to pump it up megafold in 2015!!. I believe in the accumulating power of all our small positive actions...and so while I'm here, no matter what, and in whatever small way, I vow to be part of a nourishing rain on as many beautiful endeavors as possible to help them grow. <3 Let there be thousands of us, reaching out to millions- wherever needed.
Continuing from where I left off...and with the new energy boost of 2015...Here are my jottings for the 10% 2015 'Wishlist':
(where I want to donate something from my next art sales)...followed by a continually updated list of donations so far this year! I've made most of them hotlinks so please do learn more about each...and if any of these causes touch your heart, please Join me and others to help crowdfund and continue to nourish them! "We are the ones we've been waiting for." <3

Sister to Sister Sewing Cooperative in Congo on StartSomeGood

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (Annabel)
Southampton Trails Preservation Society
Humanitarian Aid for Gaza through United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)
Greenpeace International
PeaceCorps Partnership Project #14-631-010: GHANA: Basic School Renovations Project (again)
Afghan Institute of Learning :Womens Education Fund through GlobalGiving
Sadhana Forest initiative in Kenya
Center for Biological Diversity Pollinators Protection Fund
Humane LongIsland/ LION LongIsland Orchestrating for Nature
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue membership donation renewal July or general donations for food/care
Nepal Youth Foundation Freedom Loan Fund for Rescued Kamlaris (again to NYOF)
Quogue Wildlife Refuge family membership donation
Save Sag Harbor
Friends of Cambodia: Youth services (again)

2015 Donations Completed:
Wild Bird Fund in honor of Victoria Booth's birthday
Sue Braiden's IndieGogo campaign for Adventure Lab/Rock Paper Estrogen project
Serene Celia's Crowdrise page for Buddha's Smile School India Girl's Dormitory Fundraiser/Shadhika
Sobornost for the World Foundation (again, + again for Pattye's Birthday)
PeaceCorps Project Community Library Development- Tanzania
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue donations for food/care
Barefoot College India: Rural Women Solar Engineers
ABA Autism Therapies for Brenna through GoFundMe
Project InReach: Community Development in Puerto Mallarino Colombia/GoFundMe/Mercedes Yamilka
Local Public Radio WPPB/88.3/NPR
The Artblog ASR - Artist and Social Responsibility program/IndieGoGo
Center for Biological Diversity
Rana Clothing ethical fashion startup campaign on Pozible
Sankalpa Art Journeys- Art Therapy India (again)
OXFAM's Emergency response for Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam
CARE International for Cyclone Pam recovery in Vanuatu
CARE International for Nepal Earthquake Recovery
GlobalGiving Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
MercyCorps Nepal Earthquake Fund
Amistad International for Buddha's Smile School Varanasi India (again)
Julia's Army GoFundMe campaign
Books for new Shinnecock Nation Preschool
Nepal Youth Foundation's Earthquake Disaster Relief Program
Save the Children Nepal Earthquake Recovery and Temporary Learning Spaces
Build Change: Rebuild Nepal for Long-Term Safety
Victoria's Project Carroll shelters for feral cats
Sammy's Place fundraiser through Crowdrise (Lynda Chick's dream of an intentional community and respite retreat for people with special needs and those who share their journey)
Dennis Borrusso Walk for Hydrocephalus Research
Catalytic Communities/Rio on Watch IndieGoGo Campaign
Kickstarter campaign for What is Love documentary

Donations List 2016
Donations List 2015
Donations List 2014
Donations List 2013
Donations List 2012
Donations List 2011
Donations List 2010
Donations List 2006,2007
Donations List 2002,2003,2004,2005
Friday, November 28th, 2014
11:25 pm
Dream instructions: ReRead Your Science Texts (Portal)

ReRead Your Science Texts Portal 320

ReRead Your Science Texts (Portal)
5 1/2" x 5 1/2" resin and mixed media on wood.
one of several new collectible 'babypieces' on view in the ILLE Arts Holiday Show in Amagansett, NY
As usual 10% will be channeled to a wonderful wishlist of causes: see http://avad.livejournal.com/272942.html
update: This piece is now Sold! (YAY!) Images of currently available babypieces are viewable here or contact Praxis Gallery NYC ( newyork@praxis-art.com ) to see their extensive inventory of my works in person- Thank you!.
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
12:17 pm
Do you See the Picture- new prayers and weaves series works at Praxis Chelsea
Last days to view the 4person show up at Praxis Chelsea!:
praxis do you see the picture
I have recent small and medium works from my Prayers and Weaves series on view. Please go by to see/touch them in person. So many wishes and intentions for our evolving world.:)
Praxis Chelsea
451 West 25th St. between 10th and 11th Ave, NYC
Hours 10-6 Tues-Sat through Oct 25th
More about the show on Artsy.com : https://artsy.net/post/editorial-praxis-asks-do-you-see-the-picture
Out of area collectors may view a selection on 1st Dibs: https://www.1stdibs.com/creators/darlene-charneco-united-states/art/
As usual 10% of my income from sales of artworks is donated to support the important work of this wishlist of global charities: http://avad.livejournal.com/272942.html Thank you so much for helping make these positive ripples grow. -Darlene
Thursday, October 16th, 2014
2:29 pm
CoHabitat at St.Michael's College

Darlene Charneco “CoHabitat”
Oct. 9 – Nov. 7, 2014
McCarthy Art Gallery- Saint Michael's College
Colchester, Vermont
Artist's Talk on Thurs.Oct 9th 4-5pm followed by reception.
From release/announcement: "Darlene Charneco’s layered mixed media models and tactile maps explore ways of seeing our human settlements, communication networks and communities through a biological lens and as part of a larger organism’s growth stage. Clusters of houses sharing or sequestering resources and shorelines are pondered as sustainability experiments within imaginary laboratory or field observations. With playful shifts in scale perception, she strives to surprise and re-orient herself and the viewer into contemplation of the various interactions and types of symbiosis (parasitic, predatory or mutually beneficial) that we are continually co-evolving with other species and the living surface systems around and below us."
This exhibition is generously funded by the The Marc and Dana vanderHeyden Endowment in Fine Arts and hosted by the Fine Arts Department at Saint Michael’s College
shown: 'Collaboration on Substrate'
24" tondo. resin and mixed media.
Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
2:16 pm
PCPP Local Library Project
10%Club selection (close to funded...jotting notes here so I can revisit when it is off PCP website)
Peace Corps Volunteer Project #14-538-002
Volunteer Coordinator: Jones C. of AZ
Community Contribution:$1063.12 (53% of total budget)
Original Request:$906.36
Funds Still Needed: $240
The Local Library project is being conducted for the sole purpose of uplifting and providing a modern space for the creative youth to learn in the community. We seek to do this, by bringing the youth and community together in a contributive effort to remodel the local library. Fifteen volunteers will participate in the remodel and painting of the library itself. We want to encourage the youth to design artwork and paint the space, in order to create a welcoming and safe space for the others to learn. The plan also calls for a new computer for the library, which will be a great new resource for the community to take advantage of. This project will bring a resource of knowledge and ideas into the Kalinago Territory and help encourage the youth. Most importantly, the remodel will raise awareness and address issues surrounding youth and poor literacy rates in the area. Among the various communities in the Territory, this village has an alarming number of youth who struggle with reading and writing skills. This remodel will create and provide a new environment and energy towards improving young people¿s minds. Members of the community will contribute their time and knowledge to assist the youth in training on how to use the library and the computer. After the completion of the remodel, we expect an increase of inspired youth and community members. The remodel will tackle problems with literacy in this area and in turn will reenergize education as a whole in the community.
Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
1:50 pm
The Perception of Beauty
"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the Astonishing light of your own being."- Hafiz

perceptionofbeauty many400 perceptionofbeauty one300
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