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Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
10:29 pm
Childhood Memories collection notes
Childhood birthday party: friends around the diningroom table of 22 Babcock..birthday cakes usually ice cream cakes..white with blue cursive gel writing... Music Joan Jett and Love is a Battlefield song...

Crafts...Seemed I always wanted to do some sort of craft with friends during my childhood birthday parties...and Dad helped me make prototypes and get materials...one year it was a seagull on wood posts thing with twine...another i remember only these twisty green wire with fake berries on it...not sure what it was part of?

Selling crafts...one year I became a bit obsessed with a small lavendar pompom ring with googly eyes and I decided I wanted to make these and other things (painted rocks perhaps?) and I would walk door to door in the neighborhood to try to sell some from a shoebox.

Babysitter: she sold Avon as well and I adored the catalogs. She had a few little tiny lipstick testers/samples and I asked how much these were and she said a penny each (I think just so I knew she would 'sell' me one. But thus launched my secret plan with determination: I would collect a piggybank Full (my bank was a yellow printed cardboard cylinder with plastic top) of pennies and buy hundreds and hundreds of lipstick samples and open my own store! When i had completed my savings mission I approached her and she broke my heart saying she only had a few of these..not hundreds.

I made my own peel-off nailpolish (a burnt orange-ish color) by mixing questionable ingredients found around the house. Kept in top small drawer to right of my desk. Also in that drawer was my soft beaded change-purse and my grey compact Invaders of the Mummy's tomb pocket game. Possibly also Rubiks Cubes of various shapes. The mini cube was my/our favorite and often came in my pocket on trips....but there was also a snake shape and an octagonal/cylindrical one..

had a collapsible cup full of colorful 'magic' fuzzy worms
Madlibs cracked me UP.

Loved word search puzzles. And invisible ink. and really Big coloring books. My lilac plastic cassette and radio boombox with the multicolored fabric strap (possibly handed down from my sister...but it became/was ALL MINE). Sniglets word-a-day peel off calendar. Big white Pachinko game. Pinball machine that was about 12"x 18"...why can't I remember the graphics- but we played it So much...lying on our stomachs on the variegated pink rug of my sister's room with her mirrored closet doors.

Coveted my sister's rainbow stretchy strap high(ish) wedge sandals with tan soft suede insole.

ChiChi bird- a babybird we found that we tried to 'rescue'. I was so excited to see it in the morning..and ran downstairs .and it was dead. I was devastated.

Hermit crabs from Puerto Rico smuggled over back to ny on the plane in an ice cream/sherbert plastic tub..(I'm sure I cried and begged). Not surprisingly, they died shortly after. :(! Harsh lesson learned.

Street badminton (outdoor game of choice). orange skateboard. jumping over the sprinklers in summer. chasing grasshoppers. overturning large stones or bricks to see what insects or worms might be underneath. Collecting acorns and making sand seasoned 'acorn mash' which would be 'served' in a frisbee plate. My 'pretend kitchen and house' was a little clearing in a small patch of woods next to house....someone had dumped a medium mound of cement..and I stored collected acorns,herbs,leaves and other findings in its nooks. there was a long log 'couch' and we would ask my father or the neighbor if we could have the grass clipping after they mowed lawn ..and then we sprinkled these all over the clearing for the softest 'carpet' for bare feet.
Saturday, June 20th, 2015
9:23 am
Stemonitis, Stereocilia and networked Sensing

This above is an image of Stemonitis axifera, a species of slime mold.

And here we have the hair cells (stereocilia) within the inner ear (in this case of a chicken).

And another image of the slime mold Stemonitis axifera.

Process. Deeply.

When considering the elaborate and amazing life cycles and signaling of slime molds....and the exquisite processing of our auditory systems.... a thought/question is now stuck in my head.
As with microbiologist Lynn Margulis' theories of the coevolution of much of our sensory system through symbiosis with bacteria....could animal auditory systems have their beginnings in a symbiosis with fungus?

Consider the widespread symbiosis of mycorrhizae in plant roots...fungal hyphae penetrate into the cells of the root cortex, producing characteristic branched structures called arbuscules...the plant benefits as does the fungus. "In these associations, the fungi derive photosynthetic sugars from the plants, and they assist the plant by facilitating the uptake of mineral nutrients and water. Approximately 70-80% of all plants have mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizae have evolved repeatedly in different groups of fungi." (http://www.clarku.edu/faculty/dhibbett/tftol/content/3folder/symbiotic.html)

related notes: "The molecular biology of hair cells has seen considerable progress in recent years, with the identification of the motor protein (prestin) that underlies somatic electromotility in the outer hair cells. Santos-Sacchi et al. have shown that prestin's function is dependent on chloride channel signalling and that it is compromised by the common marine pesticide tributyltin (TBT). Because this class of pollutant bioconcentrates up the food chain, the effect is pronounced in top marine predators such as orcas and toothed whales.
(- Santos-Sacchi Joseph, Song Lei, Zheng Jiefu, Nuttall Alfred L (2006-04-12)."Control of mammalian cochlear amplification by chloride anions". Journal of Neuroscience 26)

Biofilms, Biofouling , Epibiosis

Please hold for image credits- I have been searching for the right images and finding them with credits to the original photographers has not been easy. If you by chance know whose photographs these are and can link me to name and/or original site I will be sure to credit.
This post to be continued/expanded. Just sharing some thoughts in progress.

more on slime molds: 'Slime Molds Show Surprising Degree of Intelligence
A creature with no brain can learn from and even anticipate events'.: http://discovermagazine.com/2009/jan/071
Thursday, January 8th, 2015
11:12 am
10% Donations Wishlist 2015!!
Dear 2015... Here we GO!
As part of a vow and dreamvision that is at the basis of my art and life, I am so grateful to have been able to pulse out so many 10%s to special causes and intitiatives in 2014...and I'm Determined to pump it up megafold in 2015!!. I believe in the accumulating power of all our small positive actions...and so while I'm here, no matter what, and in whatever small way, I vow to be part of a nourishing rain on as many beautiful endeavors as possible to help them grow. <3 Let there be thousands of us, reaching out to millions- wherever needed.
Continuing from where I left off...and with the new energy boost of 2015...Here are my jottings for the 10% 2015 'Wishlist':
(where I want to donate something from my next art sales)...followed by a continually updated list of donations so far this year! I've made most of them hotlinks so please do learn more about each...and if any of these causes touch your heart, please Join me and others to help crowdfund and continue to nourish them! "We are the ones we've been waiting for." <3

Mercy Corps for Syrian Refugees
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
The Art Garage fundraiser on Indiegogo
Shinnecock Nation Cultural Center and Museum
Sister to Sister Sewing Cooperative in Congo on StartSomeGood
Vital Edge Aid for Nepal Paper artisans Radios:A Lifeline to Safety for Nicaraguan Women through MADRE</a>
Citizens Campaign for the Environment (Annabel)
Amy Starkey's CareKits for the Homeless
Southampton Trails Preservation Society
Humanitarian Aid for Gaza through United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)
Greenpeace International
PeaceCorps Partnership Project #14-631-010: GHANA: Basic School Renovations Project (again)
Afghan Institute of Learning :Womens Education Fund through GlobalGiving
Sadhana Forest initiative in Kenya
Center for Biological Diversity Pollinators Protection Fund
Humane LongIsland/ LION LongIsland Orchestrating for Nature
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue membership donation renewal July or general donations for food/care
Nepal Youth Foundation Freedom Loan Fund for Rescued Kamlaris (again to NYOF)
Quogue Wildlife Refuge family membership donation
National Audubon Society (mail in)
Sierra Club
World Wildlife Fund
Save Sag Harbor
Friends of Cambodia: Youth services (again)

2015 Donations So Far:
Wild Bird Fund in honor of Victoria Booth's birthday
Sue Braiden's IndieGogo campaign for Adventure Lab/Rock Paper Estrogen project
Serene Celia's Crowdrise page for Buddha's Smile School India Girl's Dormitory Fundraiser/Shadhika
Sobornost for the World Foundation (again, + again for Pattye's Birthday)
PeaceCorps Project Community Library Development- Tanzania
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue donations for food/care
Barefoot College India: Rural Women Solar Engineers
ABA Autism Therapies for Brenna through GoFundMe
Project InReach: Community Development in Puerto Mallarino Colombia/GoFundMe/Mercedes Yamilka
Local Public Radio WPPB/88.3/NPR
The Artblog ASR - Artist and Social Responsibility program/IndieGoGo
Center for Biological Diversity
Rana Clothing ethical fashion startup campaign on Pozible
Sankalpa Art Journeys- Art Therapy India (again)
OXFAM's Emergency response for Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam
CARE International for Cyclone Pam recovery in Vanuatu
CARE International for Nepal Earthquake Recovery
GlobalGiving Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
MercyCorps Nepal Earthquake Fund
Amistad International for Buddha's Smile School Varanasi India (again)
Julia's Army GoFundMe campaign
Books for new Shinnecock Nation Preschool
Nepal Youth Foundation's Earthquake Disaster Relief Program
Save the Children Nepal Earthquake Recovery and Temporary Learning Spaces
Build Change: Rebuild Nepal for Long-Term Safety
Victoria's Project Carroll shelters for feral cats
Sammy's Place fundraiser through Crowdrise (Lynda Chick's dream of an intentional community and respite retreat for people with special needs and those who share their journey)
Dennis Borrusso Walk for Hydrocephalus Research
Catalytic Communities/Rio on Watch IndieGoGo Campaign

For a list of donations made in 2014 click here
For a list of donations made in 2013, click here
10% Donations List 2012
10% Donations List 2011
10% Donations List for 2010
Donations List 2006,2007
Donations List 2002,2003
Friday, November 28th, 2014
11:25 pm
Dream instructions: ReRead Your Science Texts (Portal)

ReRead Your Science Texts Portal 320

ReRead Your Science Texts (Portal)
5 1/2" x 5 1/2" resin and mixed media on wood.
one of several new collectible 'babypieces' on view in the ILLE Arts Holiday Show in Amagansett, NY
As usual 10% will be channeled to a wonderful wishlist of causes: see http://avad.livejournal.com/272942.html
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
12:17 pm
Do you See the Picture- new prayers and weaves series works at Praxis Chelsea
Last days to view the 4person show up at Praxis Chelsea!:
praxis do you see the picture
I have recent small and medium works from my Prayers and Weaves series on view. Please go by to see/touch them in person. So many wishes and intentions for our evolving world.:)
Praxis Chelsea
451 West 25th St. between 10th and 11th Ave, NYC
Hours 10-6 Tues-Sat through Oct 25th
More about the show on Artsy.com : https://artsy.net/post/editorial-praxis-asks-do-you-see-the-picture
Out of area collectors may view a selection on 1st Dibs: https://www.1stdibs.com/creators/darlene-charneco-united-states/art/
As usual 10% of my income from sales of artworks is donated to support the important work of this wishlist of global charities: http://avad.livejournal.com/272942.html Thank you so much for helping make these positive ripples grow. -Darlene
Thursday, October 16th, 2014
2:29 pm
CoHabitat at St.Michael's College

Darlene Charneco “CoHabitat”
Oct. 9 – Nov. 7, 2014
McCarthy Art Gallery- Saint Michael's College
Colchester, Vermont
Artist's Talk on Thurs.Oct 9th 4-5pm followed by reception.
From release/announcement: "Darlene Charneco’s layered mixed media models and tactile maps explore ways of seeing our human settlements, communication networks and communities through a biological lens and as part of a larger organism’s growth stage. Clusters of houses sharing or sequestering resources and shorelines are pondered as sustainability experiments within imaginary laboratory or field observations. With playful shifts in scale perception, she strives to surprise and re-orient herself and the viewer into contemplation of the various interactions and types of symbiosis (parasitic, predatory or mutually beneficial) that we are continually co-evolving with other species and the living surface systems around and below us."
This exhibition is generously funded by the The Marc and Dana vanderHeyden Endowment in Fine Arts and hosted by the Fine Arts Department at Saint Michael’s College
shown: 'Collaboration on Substrate'
24" tondo. resin and mixed media.
Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
2:16 pm
PCPP Local Library Project
10%Club selection (close to funded...jotting notes here so I can revisit when it is off PCP website)
Peace Corps Volunteer Project #14-538-002
Volunteer Coordinator: Jones C. of AZ
Community Contribution:$1063.12 (53% of total budget)
Original Request:$906.36
Funds Still Needed: $240
The Local Library project is being conducted for the sole purpose of uplifting and providing a modern space for the creative youth to learn in the community. We seek to do this, by bringing the youth and community together in a contributive effort to remodel the local library. Fifteen volunteers will participate in the remodel and painting of the library itself. We want to encourage the youth to design artwork and paint the space, in order to create a welcoming and safe space for the others to learn. The plan also calls for a new computer for the library, which will be a great new resource for the community to take advantage of. This project will bring a resource of knowledge and ideas into the Kalinago Territory and help encourage the youth. Most importantly, the remodel will raise awareness and address issues surrounding youth and poor literacy rates in the area. Among the various communities in the Territory, this village has an alarming number of youth who struggle with reading and writing skills. This remodel will create and provide a new environment and energy towards improving young people¿s minds. Members of the community will contribute their time and knowledge to assist the youth in training on how to use the library and the computer. After the completion of the remodel, we expect an increase of inspired youth and community members. The remodel will tackle problems with literacy in this area and in turn will reenergize education as a whole in the community.
Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
1:50 pm
The Perception of Beauty
"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the Astonishing light of your own being."- Hafiz

perceptionofbeauty many400 perceptionofbeauty one300
Friday, January 3rd, 2014
6:54 pm
2014 : 10% Donations and Wishlist (now complete!)
As part of a vision and a vow that is at the heart of my art and life (the 10%Club)....since 2002...I try to continuously channel 10% of what comes to me back out into the world to nurture positive projects that move me and help others. Microphilanthropy. Not huge amounts...but small amounts that make a difference in the big picture..given with love and hope...as often and widely as possible.
2014 turned out to be my best year so far in being able to send out to so many of my favorites and lots of new ones too. Here is the list of organizations and initiatives I was able to pulse out a bit of nourishment to in 2014:

2014 Donations (thank you So much to those who helped make these ripples possible!):
Sobornost for the World 2x (again)
Sankalpa Art Journeys (again)for art therapy programs in India
Peace Corps Partnership Project Books or Bust: Local Community Library- SENEGAL
Sierra Club
local songwriter Mark Bruey's Kickstarter Fundraiser for music production
The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation/Monarch Butterfly Fund in honor of Phil Haffner
Footprints College Buddy program for childrens hospital on StartSome Good
Project Nuevo Mundo Guatemala (solar oven, dye garden, classrooms) http://projectnuevomundo.wordpress.com/donate-to-us/
Emergency food/rice for Mae Sot Dump Community families during fires in Thailand (through C.Jordan/Evolutionize)
Thanda After-School Program South Africa
The Fistula Foundation: Help Give a Woman a New Life (again)
'Let Them Know They Are Loved' fundraiser campaign for Stephanie Cerezo's volunteer service trip to El Salvador
Bal Ashram and Eco-Park India http://www.sonomaashram.org/india-service-projects-bal-ashram.php
Healing Hands of Joy Safe Motherhood Ambassadors Program http://www.healinghandsofjoy.com/ (again)
MercyCorps for Syria (again)
Peace Corps Partnership Project SIERRA LEONE: Secondary School and Community Library
Amistad for Buddha's Smile School (again)
Clean Water For 2000 School Children in India (through Sobornost for the World)
Fabretto for NICA Hope project in Nicaragua (again)
World Wildlife Fund
Ileana's Smile Kickstarter project by Love, Light and Melody
NRDC Save BioGems Monarch Butterfly Campaign
OLA of Eastern LongIsland Fundraiser for Un Techo para Chile http://www.techo.org/chile/
Yamilka Mena with Stony Brook Public Health Brigade Panama http://www.empowered.org/ymena (personal towards supplies)
Creating an Arts Complex for Chittagong Campaign on StartSomeGood
Life in Africa Family Transition Center Land in Northern Uganda (again)
Mi Sangre:Train 2500 colombian children in peace building through Global Giving (again)
Jane Goodall: Lights On Tchimpounga: New Solar Array for Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in Congo
Peace Corps Partnership Project Kalinago Territory EASTERN CARIBBEAN Local Library Remodel project#14-538-002
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center (again)
Competition for Good: Clean Water filters for Brazil/in collaboration with Waves for Water,Institute Project Neymar Jr and Paypal
CARE for Syria crisis
Ken Wheaton Team for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Peace Corps Partnership Project #14-675-011: GUINEA: Building Restoration Project - Community Library (project cancelled, funds reallocated to: PeaceCorps Partnership Project #14-631-010: GHANA: Basic School Renovations Project) which was ALSO cancelled(!) funds then reallocated yet again in 2015 to Zambia Community Library Project with volunteer Leis, K.from Oregon
Peace Corps Partnership Project #14-663-022 ETHIOPIA: A Seed For Reading
KIVA loan to Jetrida in Uganda to buy thread for making sweaters
Sankalpa's IndieGogo Campaign for Building a Safe Space for Art Therapy in India
VitalEdgeAid.org for Midwife Training and Support Program in Mali
Starlight family orphanage in Uganda in honor of Sixtina's Birthday
Crowdrise PurplePurse Fundraising Challenge for The Retreat Domestic Violence Services
Save the Children: Ebola Response efforts
Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund
Kickstarter:Free For All: Inside the Public Library Documentary
Defenders of Wildlife
Doctors Without Borders (again)
Charity:Water systems in Africa
Catalytic Communities
GrowGames IndieGoGo Campaign for Seeds the Game
INSTITUTE OF PLAY's Fundraiser on Crowdrise:
Make Learning Irresistible

Wikipedia.org microdonation
Lindsay Shulock's ride for Young Adults with Cancer 4K
Doctors Without Borders (again)
Sobornost for the World Foundation (again)
Rainforest Flow Water programs in Peru

Thank you so much to my awesome friends and family that pitched in to collectively donate $623 for my 2014 Birthday Wish for clean water projects in Africa through Charity:Water !! LOVE and more LOVE to you. :) Anyone who would like to join us to support the cause past the deadline PLEASE DO...you can always make a donation at Charity:Water systems in Africa . Drop me a quick line if you do..as it is always a huge thrill to feel a part of that. <3
And of course please also see this post as a warm and hopeful invitation to donate any little bit to ANY of these causes (or let me know about a cause dear to your own heart that you'd like me or others to consider for 2015 or beyond). Thank you Thank you.

It's now a new year- so for my current 2015 WISHLIST and soon to be growing donation list click HERE

For a list of donations made in 2013, click here
10% Donations List 2012
10% Donations List 2011
10% Donations List for 2010
Donations List 2006,2007
Donations List 2002,2003
Wednesday, January 1st, 2014
11:08 pm
Welcome 2014
Wherever you are, it is happening.
Eternally and yet for the first time as us.
Happy New Year beloved and Interconnected sparks.
Welcome 2014

nailhead detail small
Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
11:20 pm
Book of Hope Page 8 in the International Book Art Biennial/ Islip Museum
BookArtBiennial Islip Entrance BOH8 900
Honored that The Book of Hope Page 8 (Re-nature) by Darlene Charneco was selected for New York Bound: International BookArt Biennial 2013 at the Islip Art Museum :) . It is visible at the entrance here.
Exhibition will be on view through December 29th and features book related art from all over the world!
more about the Book of Hope Page 8 here: http://avad.livejournal.com/271848.html
Thursday, September 12th, 2013
8:43 pm
Friday, January 25th, 2013
12:29 am
The Book of Hope- Page 8 (Re-Nature)
BOH8 trio

The Book of Hope- Page 8 (Re-Nature)

the latest page in the ongoing Book of Hope is finally complete and released to the world:)

Emerging out of my previous Letters to Whom It May Concern, the Book of Hope is an ongoing series, begun in 1999, with one new page created slowly every few years.
Inspired by the common thread of ritual found in nearly all cultures and religions, each 2 foot square wall-piece is a tactile 'page' containing a composed text of prayers, wishes and visualizations for the years ahead. Created in the spirit of the European monastic scribe illuminating manuscripts or a Tibetan monk creating a sand mandala, these works are 'sent' as messages requesting guidance for the peaceful evolution of humanity.

Page 1 (Pure)
Page 2 (Illuminated)
Page 3 (Through Darkness)
Page 4 (Alchemy)
Page 5 (Sands)
Page 6 (Creating Tomorrows)
Page 7 (For Africa)
Page 8 (Re-Nature)

text to Page 8 revealed hereCollapse )
Monday, January 14th, 2013
12:00 am
Saturday, January 12th, 2013
12:01 am
2013! 10% Donations (now complete)
2013 10% Donations List (now complete)

As part of a vow that is at the heart of my art and life (and the 10%Club)....since 2002...I try to continuously channel 10% of what comes to me back out into the world to nurture positive projects that move me and help others. Microphilanthropy. Not huge amounts...but small amounts that make a difference in the big picture..given with love and hope...as often as possible.

As the years comes to a close I look back and take stock of all I'm grateful for...I am perhaps almost always most grateful that I was able to do a little something to help support and sustain these wonderful organizations and initiatives that are doing work we need done in the world. It feels really...REALLY good. I hope that each year allows me to channel more and more...as there are so many other ones I am looking forward to being able to help in any small (or LARGE!) way..as well as more donations for those I am already connected to. May 2014 enable even bigger and more constant pulses of nourishment for all. !!

2013 Donations:

Sankalpa Art Journeys for life education center and supplies
PCPP Tanzania Community Library #13-621-006
Buddha's Smile School India through Amistad International in honor of artist Erica Harris
John Lundin Emergency Appeal
World Wildlife Fund for Rhino conservation
Operation Saving Grace- GoFundMe for Debbie Gleason
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for Kenneth Wheaton
South Fork Natural History Museum
Stories from Roatan Kickstarter campaign
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center
IndieGogo FGM Islip International Arts Residency Fellowships Campaign
Universal Peace Wheel informational sign for Elko Peace Park
The Emancipation Network/made By Survivors "Build a Forever Home" Free Forever campaign (crowdrise)
The Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs http://afop.org/health-safety/national-pesticide-safety/
IndieGogo campaign for Duran Rivera's Danger-Squad comicbook
PCPP Powerful Peruvian Women 2014 #13-527-026
Catalytic Communities annual fundraiser
MercyCorps for Syria
Travel fund for PhD Graduation in Thailand / Linda Eggleston http://www.gofundme.com/499stc
Growcology Fund/Seeds the Game/Community Foundation: https://www.thecommunityfoundation.net/how-to-give/donor-resources/donor-resources/27-funds/designated/154-growcology-fund
http://www.kiva.org/lend/620500 Los Tuices Group- Guatemala- sewing
Artist Sharon Louden's Kickstarter for booktour: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1475604075/living-and-sustaining-a-creative-life-book-tour
Eric Zimmerman, Colleen Macklin and John Sharp's Kickstarter for MetaGame: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2093152267/the-metagame-discuss
Sobornost orphanage programs-education wishlist Sobornost for the World (again)
Fistula Foundation(again) http://www.fistulafoundation.org/
National Audubon Society http://www.audubon.org/

And a very special thank you to my dear friends who donated to my December 2013 Birthday Wish, raising $230 for Orphans to Ambassadors http://www.orphanstoambassadors.org/ !!! THANK YOU!!! :)

in progress list for 2014
10% Donations List 2012
10% Donations List 2011
10% Donations List for 2010
Donations List 2006,2007
Donations List 2002,2003
Dera Library pcpp1
Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
12:53 pm
diary 12/4/12 lichenpuffs, springtails, scent
The day looked so white grey and dreary cold that I hadn’t planned on going outdoors….but the chickadees came right to the office window to encourage me…and once outside I didn’t regret a minute of it. They fluttered and flew and took seeds from my hand, which is always a thrill…and after a while I heard an almost heartbreakingly Sweet and shaking birdvoice sing songs coming from the shrubbery. A brownish bird…but one that I could not make out for the distance. The notes sounded so much like ‘Here comes the bride-bride-bride-bride’. And the voice…I just can’t even explain how charming and moving it was…how beautiful and also endearing in that it seemed somehow to be shy and shaking…as if it was trying these songs out for the first time. Back inside I looked up keywords to Beethoven’s 5th to see if I could identify the bird…I’m not the only one who has been puzzled by it….perhaps a white-breasted sparrow?
Back outside. Adjusting my eyes to really see around the yard I was amused to discover these puffy tufts of lichen bursting forth from parts of the barren winter tree branches. I can’t even make this stuff up. Looking like some craftykid’s Dr.Seussian flufftops on perfect green camo- wrapped wand-twigs.
lichenpuff twig
leafholes and sky
As I shift scales I see the intricately textured jungles of lichen communities of all kinds on every surface of the trees and fallen branches…and those teenytiny Globular springtails come into focus Everywhere.
universe and springtail
Later still I put on my rainboots to take a walk on damp wooded paths in the dusky light of late afternoon …breathing in the scents of wet pine needles, bark, leaves and straining to catch some of the complex cocktails of other mysteries I haven’t yet learned to recognize or decipher. I cross paths with a woman and her small dog…and she tells me how her dog seems confused today….that the rain may have mixed her scents/senses. Of course I want to hear more..so she tells me that when this dog was a puppy and experienced her first snow how confusing it seemed to be for her. ”You see, she buries her bones everywhere and seems to Know where they all are…and suddenly being let outside after the snow blanketed the yard she seemed shocked and sniffing the air like…WHERE ARE ALL MY BONES???? We talk a bit about that…and imagine what it might look like to ‘see’ this road and the world mapped how the dogs can see/read it on an average day….”In a few years I’m sure, ” she says….and I nod my head in agreement….looking at the air and treetrunks and drawing circles within my mind.
Thursday, January 12th, 2012
11:02 pm
2012 10% Donations (now complete)
Avalo 1000 Hands image with notes

Taking stock of 2012 and as always most grateful that I was able to do something in these small but so important ways....channeling 10%s from art sales to as many wonderful causes and projects that I can to help co-create the world I wish to see for all of us and the next generations. I am determined in 2013 to fuel even larger and more constant pulses of support and love across the globe! Please help water any and all of these beautiful seeds/links below if you can. And a Huge thank you to the art collectors and friends whose support and purchase of artworks big and small in 2012 helped nourish me and these hopeful ripples!<3

2012 Donations
United Families for Sudan Women's Empowerment Project
John Lundin book project fundraiser: Journey to the Heart of the World
UORDP orphans Uganda (again) http://givemn.razoo.com/story/Uordp
Team in Training (ken wheaton) for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
PCPP Community Youth Library and Resource Center/CAPE VERDE: https://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=donate.contribute.projDetail&projdesc=655-029 (this project was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. I reallocated those funds to: PCPP Community Library/ Dominican Republic: https://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=donate.contribute.projDetail&projdesc=517-490
PCPP Medical Waste Incinerator/ Ethiopia (!!!??:(?!!!)https://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=donate.contribute.projDetail&projdesc=663-022
PCPP Learning Center: Friends of Peace https://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=donate.contribute.projDetail&projdesc=515-217
Orphans to Ambassadors (again) for 2012 projects
Healthy Kids Grow Community Farm and classes IndiGogo project/ Illinois: http://www.indiegogo.com/healthykidsgrow
Sobornost for the World Foundation (again)
La Isla Foundation/ Nicaragua: http://laislafoundation.org/La_Isla/Home.html
Healing Hands of Joy (for Fistula patients): http://www.healinghandsofjoy.com/
PCPP Beyond the Blackboard: School Library Establishment Project- Benin: https://donate.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=donate.contribute.projDetail&projdesc=680-240
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Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
9:59 pm
DC art in Limitless film
dc_limitless_6 by avaDarlene
dc_limitless_6, a photo by avaDarlene on Flickr.

Darlene Charneco artworks featured in the film 'Limitless' about augmented memory.

if you catch the new film 'Limitless' about artificially enhanced memory, keep an eye out for my large mixed-media Petri dish piece 'Islands of Common Interest' in it. there is also a glimpse of a grid of my babypieces nearby and a row of 12" works on mapping and memorypalaces... see rest of set. All to do with experiments and the evolving collective and connective memory...:)!

A 'Limitless' memory?' - article on MSNBC

catalog: Darlene Charneco: Self-Assembling MemoryPalace
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
7:51 am
Darlene Charneco: Islands of Memory @ SOLAR

a collection of artworks by Darlene Charneco on view. 'Islands of Memory' opens Saturday Aug.27th 5-7pm with a cocktail reception at SOLAR in East Hampton, NY. :)There will be an Artists on Artists discussion on Sept.17th led by Eric Ernst and curator Esperanza Leon. photo: detail of 'Deep Sea Memory (Retrieval)' 24

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011
9:56 pm
by candlelight
by candlelight by avaDarlene
by candlelight, a photo by avaDarlene on Flickr.

densely weaving nailprayers bit by bit by glow

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